All Boondocks items are protected by a 150 year warranty.

If, through regular use, your Boondocks item breaks down to any significant degree, send it back for a free repair.

Regular use does include things like

  • exposing it to freshwater on your portaging trip
  • taking it on a hike up an (inactive) volcano, and
  • filling it with food for your camel while traversing the Sahara.

It does not include abusive (albeit potentially humorous) activities such as

  • sending it over a waterfall "just to see what happens"
  • filling it with your innovative moonshine batch "to get the taste of those tannins," and
  • using the item as a hunting practice session target "because animals are made of leather."

You can expect your leather to acquire some scratches and scuff marks over time. Those do not qualify for coverage by the warranty. They make the leather much more interesting, anyways. So embrace them! They'll be conversation starters.

If you prefer a cleaner look, you may want to consider using a leather conditioner.